Bill of Lading Airway Bill
Company's Name
Shipper/Exporter (Complete Name and Address)
Booking No.
Bill of Lading No.
Export References
Consignee (Complete Name and Address)
Forwarding Agent F.M.C. No.
Point and Country of Origin of Goods
Notify Party (Complete Name and Address)
For Delivery Please Apply To
Pre-Carriage By
Place of Receipt by Pre-Carrier
Export Carrier (Vessel/VOY/FLAG)
Port of Loading
Loading Pier/Terminal
Port of Discharge
Place of Delivery by On Carrier
Number of Originals
Particulars Furnished by Shipper
These Commodities Licensed by U.S. for Ultimate Destination
Diversion Contrary to U.S. Law Prohibited.
Shippers Declared Values
Subject to extra freight as per tariff and clause 6 (4) (B) + (C) of this B'L

Freight Charges | Basis | Rate | Prepaid | Collect
RECEIVED by the Carrier the Goods as specified above in apparent good order and condition unless otherwise started, to be transported to such place as agreed, authorized or permitted herein and subject to all the terms and conditions appearing on the front and reverse of this Bill of Lading to which the Merchant agrees by accepting this Bill of Lading, and local privileges and customers not withstanding. The particulars givenabove as stated by the shipper and the weight, measure, quantity, condition, contents and value of the Goods are unknown to the Carrier. In WITTNESS whereof three (3) original Bills of Lading have been signed if not otherwise stated above, the same being accomplished the other(s), if any, to be void. If required by the Carrier one (1) original Bill of Lading must be surrendered duly endorsed in exchange for the Goods or delivery order. Prepaid total
Collect total
Dated at