Road and Rail Trasportation

Our service by road & rail is based on the following four business lines:

  • Groupages. We are consolidating cargoes among all Bulgaria and any origin/destination in Europe and former USSR . Specifically, we are working on spot market , offering free truck’s space which is most cost and time effective way for groupage in Bulgaria at the moment.

    Via our Warehouse Operators we are offering bonded warehouse with wide range related value-added services.

  • Full Truck Loads. Thanks to our fleet of associate owners- we offer full truck loads (taultliners, refrigerated, ADR, etc.) to or from any location in Europe, including Eastern block countries and the former USSR republics , Near & Mid East Countries.
  • Railfreight. Since we are involved in  railway business, we have developed the  outstanding level of experience and know-how in the railway and intermodal transportation sector.
    Traditional direction of the Company's activity is operation on European railway system.

    The unique railferry conection of Bulgaria via ports of  Varna and  Ilichevsk(Ukraine) and also Poti (Georgia) to   raiway sytem of former USSR allows to  to provide fast "Door-to-Door" delivery of any types of cargo (including IMO dangerous ones).

  • Projects. Sigma Shipping has a potential  in the organization and coordination of logistical projects from or to Bulgaria. Thanks to a combination of know-how and an unbeatable network of specialized agents, we are able to take control of any kind of shipment no matter how complex or how far away the destination may be.

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