Container Service

For the past, Sigma Shipping has been the Bulgaria freight forwarder of reference whenever sea freight shipments are involved. Whether it be a small LCL shipment from Hong Kong or eighty 40 foot Hi-cube DV's to New Yorkl, we will give you the best service available in the market, via ports of Thessaloniki, Varna and Bourgas. Inquiry forms for FCL and LCL are available on-line..

Thanks to the large quantities  moved during recent years, we benefit from important agreements with the great majority of lines, allowing us to offer competitive rates while at the same time being able to guarantee space throughout the year.

As well as being largest Bulgarian operator of ceramic tiles from Spain & Italy, we are known for the amount of furniture sent to the US, as well as for the wines traffics from Bulgaria to various destinations. Also we are involved in garments & textiles logistics.

We are specialists in transportation of IMCO dangerous  cargo (military included) and a chemical products, being one of the leading freight forwarders in these industries.

Our core container traffics include:




Industrial goods
Garments & Textiles

China & Far East

USA & W.Europe



W.Europe & Canada

Ceramic tiles & Bathroom accessories

Spain, Italy


Frozen meats

USA and South America


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