Strategic Objectives
  • To maintain Sigma Shipping market position as nation-wide leader in transportation industry and to undertake steps to become regional high quality service provider in Ocean freight, Air freight and air cargo support services, Road & Rail cargo forwarding and handlng, Groupage.
  • To increase company's international presence in order to secure main traffics in the key industries, thereby enhancing competitiveness in the local market.
  • To enhance the quality and added value of its logistics services through innovation and improved cost management.
  • To provide complete solutions tailor-made for the requirements of industry today and tomorrow.
  • To work to achieve a framework agreement for co-operation with carriers in order to enhance competitiveness through suitable transport schedules, joint marketing and operations, simplified operative and administrative processes and joint management of future projects.
  • To build a motivated organisation with the capacity of the company and out-sourcing potentials , to respond effectively and to develop a competitive remuneration policy.
  • To delegate authority and responsibility wherever possible and advisable in order to ensure that the organisation's members and partners are involved in the business and show an enterprising and responsible attitude.
  • To develop business in an ethical, lawful manner at all times, with due regard for environmental considerations.
  • To generate profits which provide the necessary cash resources to develop the business strategy and to re-invest added value in company's growth.

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